In the digital world, most of the people are using the smartphone. The smartphone is gaining more popularity among the people. The life is without the smartphone is really impossible. The mobile phone comes with the new features that attract the people to purchase the Android or iOS smartphone. Now the mobile phone is equipped with the face unlocking feature that keeps the device securely. It has new secure authentication method for the smartphone phone.

Smartphone with face unlock

These days, there is huge range of the mobile phone brands available in the market such as Apple, Sony, LG, HP, Nokia, Samsung, OnePlus, Lenovo and others. Every brand offers the face unlock feature that keeps the photo and document safely. With the help of the face recognition feature, the users can easily unlock the device by looking at the front camera.

If you need to purchase the mobile phone with this feature, you can compare the price, specification, and feature of different smartphone from the price comparison site. The CompareRaja is one of the popular price comparison sites that help you to compare the price of various brand mobile phones. It helps you choose best brand mobile phone within your budget.

Best face look smartphone

Unlocking the mobile phone has easier that you do not have to draw the pattern, type the password at every time you need to send message or make a call. Now the face recognition is emerging as popular authentication system in the mobile phone. The fingerprint feature is available on huge range smartphone but the face unlock is available on the few mobile phones.

Before purchasing the mobile phone with the face unlock feature you should check out the list and pick the right one which suits your needs. The price list of the smartphone is regularly updated on the CompareRaja that helps you save time and money on buying the latest model mobile phone.  The OnePlus is one of the popular face unlocking handsets in the market.

The OnePlus has declared that they launching the new smartphone with the face unlock feature due to the demand. The OnePlus 5T is newly launching smartphone that comes with the face unlocking feature. The mobile phone packs with the quality front camera for its face unlocking with the security algorithm of OnePlus’s. It is one of the fast face unlocking mobile phone in the world.