Oriental rugs are originate from countries like Iran, China, and India and are very usual style of carpets. These rugs have very unique designs and rich colors are that is why they are being loved in the households in all over the world. People are using rugs in many different ways and styles to decorate their rooms. Many households do not even use full carpets they use rugs instead. The usual types of rugs are being made in wool and cotton but there are many manufacturers who are using silk in rugs manufacturing.  There are reasons why people prefer rugs to full carpets one of them is that it keeps the room airy and still give a very stylish look. The other reasons are that the rugs are coming in different shapes sizes so that one can purchase them according to their room size. The last reason is that rugs are very easy to clean and do not take too much time, can also be carried from one place to another without any hassle.

Everyone knows that carpets and rugs are being made with very fragile material, but do seem very tough but can be ruined very easily so it is very important to be cautious while dealing with them or cleaning them. Here are some simple methods to tell you how you can clean the rug at home.

  • First of all read the instructions given on the label of the carpet so that you can know what safety precautions are given.
  • Vacuum it with a good vacuuming machine. Use the machine horizontally and do not leave any space.
    • You can use a broom to swipe the rug
    • After removing as much dust as possible you can use carpet cleaning shampoo, there are many available in the market but make sure that the one you purchased is mild and do not have hard chemicals.
    • Use the cold water to remove the shampoo from the rug.
    • Leave it to dry off before putting it back in the room.
    • Do not keep it in direct sunlight but place it in open air otherwise it will start having mold.

    If you carpet has too much stains and dirt and haven’t been wash for much time, the best thing is to hire professionals like Carpet Cleaning Ottawa, for more information you can check out carpet-cleaning-ottawa.ca.