Have you ever heard the so full of wisdom suggestion: “Don’t mess up passion with entrepreneurship”? Well, I do admit that it might work for a few individuals, but I respectfully reject such a dull, in my humble opinion, approach.

Who said that money is work-related only? Do the advocates of “money not equal with passion” realize that almost any successful business was, at some point in the past, someone else’s hobby?!

Why on Earth, do we always need scientifically justified reasons to believe what we already know for ages: by following the things we enjoy, may it be a dream, a hobby, or our passion – is way more productive than committing oneself to a job-affair you either hate or, in the best case, keep a non-involvement attitude. Is neutrality – the best policy?

To go even farther, passion is motivation. A genuine motivation that’s fed on your strongest aptitudes, not the artificial, surrogate-like speeches from another random stand-up you regret attending. This sort of stimulus is as volatile as a one-time drug injection: you’re getting high for a few instances, then get lower than ever before.

Next thing to bring in this dispute is happiness. Happiness is healthy. Accepting your intrinsic preoccupations and allowing them time and space in your life may drag you to an essential life-change. We avoid pursuing self-identification at any cost, no one dares it exists at all, as if it were a unicorn…

Now, what happens when you go for your passion: you’ll become skilled and productive at something that will keep you up, no matter what cataclysm takes place: another global crisis, a nuclear apocalypse or extraterrestrial invasion. No one can take that away from you!

Now, from theory to practice. You are happy enough to be provided with an infinite multiple choice: what to do for a living. One of the easiest things is to put down a list with keywords that convey your main interests. No worries, keep in mind that there is no censorship here: are you a pet lover? Can’t bear your life without gardening? Any exotic hobbies? You are allowed to let your secret longings out to play and earn the salary you always knew you deserve. More than this, no matter what your choice of career is, you may enhance its lucrative results by backing it up in the cyberspace.

That means, you can run any business and provide it with all the opportunities granted by the digital revolution, such as marketing online campaigns to win a larger audience; setting up a dedicated site, blog, social media profiles and so on. Also, what you can opt for is to encourage your creative potential to come to life in the form of an exclusively online entrepreneurship. Here the fun begins. Set a site. No, for real. If you can’t see yourself anything else than a blogger – you still need a site. If you want to become the next wolf from Wall Street and have the guts of a trading-shark: go for it, but get that site! Want to mediate some services? Great! But you need a site.

Alright. Once it’s decided what makes the first step, let’s try to carry this vision out. Getting straight to the point, WordPress is that mega-popular thing you want to learn about. To keep it simple, you aren’t advised to go too deep into details regarding its technical assets, – unless you have an IT background. Explore the non-geek definitions and tutorials that, briefly, will introduce you to the world’s most powerful CMS: content management system. You got that, didn’t you: blogging is connected to administering one or multiple types of visual, textual etc. contents that, in their turn, must be organized somehow. That’s easy to achieve by means of an elegant site design, the layout is important not less than the message to be shared.

So, if acquiring a WordPress-based blog sounds relevant to you, then before proceeding to the beautifying part, don’t forget to decide on a hosting provider and a suitable free WordPress theme. You will discover that there are paid and free services, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours, make up your mind about what type of site you crave for and give it a go: both the hosting and theme template depend mainly on your budget and ultimate goals. Since we are not considering here the non-profit opportunities, monetizing your site means to take advantage of advertising space for instance. To have the freedom of going big by selling adverts space and engaging in affiliate programs you will migrate, sooner or later, to the paid hosting and customized themes.

Furthermore, what any site owner is ready to kill for is the unique and never-ever-plagiarized content. Thus, you may not worry that someone may disrespect your authorship: the stolen intellectual property is pretty fast detected by search engines and “disqualified”: poor uniqueness parameters are one of the many reasons that Google and other search engines will rank the page containing abducted information as low as the 100th page in search! Can you imagine anyone to visit it?