The main problem of the summer season are the high temperatures. The bellman, who works inside and outside the hotel, could be very penalized by this problem.

In order to make the bellman uniform as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to choose suitable materials and models, according to the dress code of the hotel.

So, how to choose the ideal summer bellman uniform? Here are some suggestions to help you to choose well and to avoid mistakes that should damage the image of your hotel.

The right materials for a comfortable bellman uniform

Bellman uniforms could be made with several fabrics. They must be all durable, beautiful and comfortable, of course.

Comfort is not a plus but a necessity for the bellman: he stands up for hours and hours regardless of environmental conditions and temperatures.

The ideal choice for summer bellman uniforms is a light and fresh fabric. For example, linen which is a natural fabric.

Also, Gabardine plus is another solution for the summertime. It is a special fabric, 100% polyester. It ensures all time a flawless appearance. Also, it can be washed at high temperatures.


Also the choice of colors must be made according with some basic features.

The classic colors for bellman uniforms are Black, Blue Navy and Burgundy.

Even if they are dark and do not seem suitable for summer, these are the official colors of the bellman. They allow us to recognize the role of this professional at first sight.

Among the other colors allowed there are Grey and Green.

These two colors are more suitable for the summer period because they are clearer. Of course they are always appropriate to the role, not too lively.

Don’t forget the possibility to choose some finitures for the jacket, for example you can opt for colored cuffs and profiles instead of a solid color jacket.


At least, how to choose the right model for the bellman uniforms?

The bellman plays a decisive role in guests accomodation. He is in charge of moving baggage while welcoming guests. So, it is necessary to wear the hotel uniform in order to best represent its image.

You cannot choose uniforms other than the standard one. For example, you can’t choose to wear shorts or short-sleeved jackets. So, even if it is summer time and it’s hot, the bellman uniform must always be in line with some, basic features, such as:

  • The jacket must be the model with the mandarin collar and five buttons on the front. It seems obvious to say it but it is better to specify it: the jacket must be long-sleeved.
  • The trousers must also be long, very simple and without particular finishes. They must be straight and perfectly starched. It depends on the fabric.
  • The apron: in some cases the bellman uniform could be completed with a large size apron for baggage handler. It has a bib and it can be equipped with a pocket applied.

So don’t forget these basic suggestions, and don’t forget to give your bellman the chance to work comfortably, even in summer.