Customers are the key element of success for every business regardless of its size. Both big companies and small businesses have to focus on the loyalty and satisfaction of their clients. In this modern era, an essential element of keeping your customers satisfied is being available for them 24/7, a task which proves overwhelming for many companies.

The simplest way to achieve this is by hiring a 24 hour call answering service, which would handle not only your telephone calls, but also your e-mails, social media profiles and online chats on your website. Some of these answering services provide help in your marketing strategies, particularly focusing on attracting new clients and retaining the ones you already have.

Although virtual means of communication are constantly improving, clients still prefer the good old-fashioned way of contacting customer support over the phone. The operators in the 24 hour call centers are specially trained for these services and would cost you less than assigning this task to couple of your employees.

24/7 answering services are becoming more required and popular among businesses, so you’ll find plenty of such companies on the market. But how can you be sure that you’ve hired the best one?

These tips might help you.

Find your match

If you think that all call centers offer the same services, you’re wrong. Most of them focus on a certain field of work and you should look for ones which have experience in yours. For instance, if your business is in the IT industry, make sure the call center you choose has previously worked for companies of the same sector.

Another thing to bear in mind is the volume of work. Some answering services work with low number of clients while others handle thousands of customers every day. Choose the type which fits your needs. For more information on their services visit this page

Determine your needs

Prior to hiring a company, you have to determine what kind of services you need. Are you hiring operators to schedule your appointments, to answer customer inquiries, to promote your products, to handle orders or potential complaints?

Each call center provides a list of their services and you need to find one which matches yours. Eliminate the ones which aren’t compatible to your requirements. You can also choose from the inbound, outbound or multi-channel type.

If you want the operators just to answer incoming calls, go with the inbound type. Choose the outbound type in case you want them to take calls but also call the customers to promote your products. Ultimately, you can pick the multi-channel type and let them contact your clients on the phone, e-mail and social media.

Choose a pricing method

Call centers usually have two methods of charging for their services. One of them is per call, the other is charged by the hour or by the minute. Both of them have their advantages and drawbacks, but the latter type is more popular among businesses. Gather more information on pricing by clicking on the following link:

Be prepared to pay additional costs if the operators are involved in your marketing strategy or they use various means to contact the customers, not just the phone.

However, if you notice that they’ve charged you for a regular service, such as working at weekend or at night, you should complain, as their 24/7 working hours is why you hired them in the first place.

Ensure safety of clients’ data

A solid protection of data is another key element of call centers. Buyers trust the agents with their personal information, so they need to find a way to prevent hacking or leaking this valuable data. Although you don’t believe that somebody would think of hacking your small business, it can still happen, as hackers know that these businesses don’t have enough security.

Also check if the company has some sort of a back-up policy in case of closing down. Make sure their policy involves providing you with assistance until you find another call center.

Therefore, look for a company which provides a solid level or security, if you don’t want to end up in court facing a data breach. It costs a lot of money, which your small business is not in a position to pay, as it might lead to its closing.

Wrap up

Answering services have proven to be helpful for small business in a way of boosting their image, leaving professional impression and improving customers’ loyalty.

Make sure you find a call center which is suitable for your requirements. Decide which are your needs and choose the most optimal pricing method.

You’ll be able to assign more productive tasks to your employees, while leaving the professionals to do their job!