Hire Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs – QuiGig tells you which are the top myths about freelancing.

  • Freelancing is temporary, a small activity generally made by young people without much future in the field

True only at the beginning. It is normal that any freelancer takes it from scratch. And yes, he wins some money, trying at the same time to see how the market goes, if he likes it, and especially when he sees a future. There are people in the field who do not make enough money for the daily coffee, while others support their family with the money they earn, enough to save, pay taxes. The fact that you know someone who makes $ 10 a week out of freelancing does not mean the field is full of people that are not more successful. There are freelancers who already have businesses set up and for whom this work is a good way to earn their living. Find out more here.

There are thousands of small businesses around the world, made up of people who probably started under this myth, but they realized they had a future in the field and went to the next level. From this moment, the activity is no longer just temporary, because you already have a business in the field, even if you are not working from an office in the city.

  • Freelancers have fun all day

That’s kind of sensible, because if you do not work, you do not eat. It’s a very simple equation, and the freelancer that makes money by doing nothing has not been invented yet. At least at certain times (and especially at the beginning), you are really busy. Once you grow your portfolio, you have some savings and the business starts to get better, you can have “dead” days when you do nothing. But these are not many, simply because, when you have your business, you can’t allow yourself to stomp in the sun too much, because you do not have the monthly salary regardless.

It is not at all out of the regular to see your freelancer friend taking a walk on a Wednesday, just because he can and does not have a job, while others look at the outside sun from the office. But there is also the reversal of the medal, on the weekend, when “regular” people go out or rest, a freelancer pulls an all nightery to solve some projects or bring portfolio improvements.

The first rule of “time management” in freelancing is that, although you have to work (no money comes from the sun), it’s good to learn to be flexible. You can go on a classic work system (Monday to Friday from 8 to 16), but generally it will limit you. Why not go with the flow of good projects, take care to rest, to be productive and yet to take advantage of the time as you feel. If it’s a beautiful day and you do not have any projects (or anything urgent), you can relax.