As the new school year begins, you’re probably looking forward to starting your classes and meeting your new floormates. Moving into an on-campus or off-campus apartment is definitely exciting, but you may feel a little uneasy when you first settle into your space. However, with a few simple changes, your new college apartment can start to feel like home. Here are some helpful tips for getting settled into your living space.

Do Some Cleaning

A little bit of cleaning can go a long way when you’re first adjusting to your new apartment. By freshening up the space, you can start the year on a clean slate and make the room feel more like your own. Whether you vacuum the floors or wipe down all the surfaces, taking the time to do some apartment cleaning Clarksburg MD can instantly upgrade the appearance of your space. You can even get your flatmates to pitch in and make it a group effort.

Add Decorations

Sometimes, all it takes for your unfamiliar apartment to feel cozier is to add some decorations that remind you of home. You might have some pictures of family or friends that you want to look at when you’re lonely, or maybe there’s a band you love that deserves a spot above your desk. Whatever you choose, decorating your apartment can help it seem more familiar and comfortable.

Befriend Your Roommates

If you’re feeling nervous when you first arrive at your apartment, it can help to strike up a conversation with the people you’re sharing the space with. You’ll be living with your roommates for the entire year, so getting to know them right at the beginning can help to form the foundation for your friendship later on.

While your college apartment may seem foreign to you, it’s only for now. With a little time and the right adjustments, it can start to feel just like home.