Water features can add so much beauty and function to the landscape, yet they can be relatively inexpensive and simple to install and maintain. There are numerous benefits associated with having a body of water on your property, including positive impacts to the environment and wildlife.

Ponds Can Add Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most obvious benefits of installing a pond is that it can add tremendous beauty to the landscape. An otherwise boring or barren yard can seem to be transformed by the addition of even a small pond. Watching the light play on the water’s surface and listening to the soft, soothing sound of flowing water are benefits that can be well worth the effort of simple pond management.

Water Attracts Many Wildlife Species

Even a small pond may attract many kinds of animals to your yard, including pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Other beneficial species that can help keep pests at bay are attracted to water sources, including birds, frogs, and toads. Biodiversity may be increased, resulting in a healthier habitat for native wildlife. For people that enjoy watching wildlife, this is a good way to increase opportunities to see more animals, both during the day and at night.

Ponds Can Help During Water Shortages

Some plants grow better when near water, including plants that are grown for food. Perhaps more importantly, a pond can be a good source of water in dry climates and during droughts. If the pond is large enough, some water can be siphoned for irrigation, which can be very beneficial for gardeners.

It may be worthwhile to consider adding a pond to your yard, especially when weighing the benefit versus cost relationship. Whether you enjoy gardening, wildlife watching, or just wish to store up for possible water shortages, installing a pond can be a very nice addition to the landscape.