Over the past few years, the transportation industry has gone through numerous changes. With new technology, many people are excited about the possibilities that exist for the future. However, there are some jobs that will be eliminated with new technology. There are many examples of companies investing a lot of capital into developing new technology for the future.
Truck Driver Shortage

One of the biggest issues facing the transportation industry is a truck driver shortage. There are simply not enough qualified drivers in the market today. As a result, many trucking companies have to turn away business because they do not have the drivers to haul the freight. Over a long period of time, this can create numerous issues within the industry.

The truck driver shortage is more severe in certain parts of the country. Commercial driver jobs in California are numerous. However, with so many other jobs available, few people want to drive a truck for their career. Trucking companies are not willing to pay drivers more, and this problem is only going to continue until something drastic changes.

Many trucking companies are investing in automation. Although the technology is still several years away, there will be a time when trucks are driven by machines. This would solve all of the driver shortage problems that exist today. Not only that, but it would also reduce the number of wrecks that take place on the roads. In the coming years, this is an area that many trucking companies will attempt to develop.

Alternative Energy

Another big opportunity in the transportation industry is developing alternative forms of energy. There are few people who think that oil will be the primary fuel source many decades from now. Natural gas has some positive aspects, but it is also a fossil fuel that hurts the environment. Trucking companies are spending some money investing in new technology, but profits are already lower due to the driver shortage. As the price of oil continues to increase, many people believe that trucking companies will have to deal with even lower profits in the years ahead.

The good news is that several companies are investing in electric trucks. The cost of electric trucks will be much higher for companies initially. However, trucking companies will save money on the cost of fuel over a long period of time.
Government Regulations

There are more regulations than ever before in the transportation industry. Although these rules are designed to protect drivers, it is difficult for companies to comply with all of the rules. When companies are caught violating the rules, the fines can be severe. These fines hurt small companies much more than larger ones.

Some people believe that regulations are now too demanding. This is especially true in certain states. There are numerous trucking companies that turn away business in California simply because of the numerous regulations within the state. Many transportation leaders believe that regulations will only continue increasing in the years ahead.