Jaguar Introduces New E-Pace Compact SUV

Thrifty Auto Shipping is one of the largest car transport companies in the nation and one of the most informed sources on the latest news in the auto transport industry. Thrifty Auto Shipping has just released news that Jaguar has introduced a new compact SUV. This has been a long-rumored project and is considered by many a breakthrough for Jaguar.

Being one of the leading luxury automobile brands in Britain, Jaguar is always looking for ways to acquire the optimum level of driver’s comfortability. Jaguar and its sibling brand Land Rover both are owned by Tata Motors of India and they recently announced the launch of newer and smaller version of a SUV. The SUV by the name of E-Pace will be available for sale in the U.S in the upcoming year. Last year, Jaguar launched their first SUV the F-Pace though in order to compete in the auto industry of U.S they needed a bigger and more advanced SUV.

Though the officials at Jaguar decided in favor of taking an alternative route and chose to develop and launch E-Pace. The E-Pace is more fuel efficient yet smaller version of SUV and is built with controversial diesel power engine. The goal was to use the diesel power engine to tackle the fuel efficiency standards but they might have to opt in favor of changing their strategy. The modified E-Pace SUV will be rather geared up with the gasoline engine and at this instance, there doesn’t exist a probability of the launch of hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

Taking a step further in the E-Pace series, Jaguar is set to announce the development of its first electric car, the I-Pace which will probably be on sale in the upcoming year. Although, for the compact performance the new E-Pace price bar is set to start from $38, 600. The E-Pace holds the status of being the third new Jaguar nameplate in the Jaguar model portfolio. The other two being Jaguar SE Sports Sedan and Jaguar F-Pace which on collaboration has contributed for more than 44 percent of Jaguar progress in the recent past.

The current Jaguar E-Pace is geared up with all-wheel drive technology and is powered by an all-Ingenium gasoline engine. Besides this, the SUV offers a suite of highly advanced technology and customer convenient features. Jaguar is still considered to lie in third tier sector of the U.S premium automobile brands.

The Jaguar E-Pace is set to be unveiled on July 13 and will be available for sale throughout the U.S in the upcoming months. The F-Pace brought great success for the Jaguar brand on its initial launch and Jaguar is planning to exceed their progress barriers with this year’s E-Pace. In addition to this, Jaguar also has many new models on the way to U.S including the likes of QX50. You will hear more on this later. However, Jaguar’s major emphasis has always been on being more efficient and they seem to follow more innovative and inventive ways to progress.