Right now, business credit cards are amongst the most important things in any businessman’s wallet. It’s a convenient way of keeping your money with you. You will see almost every businessman does not move without having it on the go. Each business card offers different options. Small businesses can choose the type of card that could suit their business needs the most. There are certain benefits that card holders get from the banks in the shape of rewards and sometimes cash back on certain type of transactions.

Here are some great and most frequently chosen cards with unique promotions.

Simply Cash Business Credit Card

This is right now amongst the hottest picks in credit cards family. Once you activate the card, you get absolutely interest free for 9 months. On every purchase through credit card, the card holder will be rewarded with cash back of 1%. And in case you do shopping through these cards from retail stored then you also get special discounts. The best part is enjoyed if some office supplies are purchased. The card holders can also enjoy perks of Welcome Offer but that is only for limited time period.

Blue for Business

This card gives one of the most attractive welcome offer in which the card holder get 10,000 points. These points are rewarded after your first purchase and you get these points during first three months after activate your card. Moreover, no interest will be taken during first 9 months. The most attractive feature of this card is that there is no annual fee charged.

Gold Delta Sky Miles

Those who do a lot of business travelling, they must get this card. It is especially designed for business travelers. For every one dollar spent through this card, you will get 1 point. There are some special categories in which you will get more than one points against each dollar. It also has a welcome offer. If you will spend $5,000 during 9 months after you activate the card, then there are chances of winning bonus miles of around 50,000.

Ink Business Preferred Car

This is the hottest card of 2018. It offers the maximum perks. The card holders get interest free services during the first year. If you will spend $5,000 during first three months after you have activated the card, then you have chances of earning 80,000 points.

Hopefully, you will get some benefits from these unique promotions offered on different credit cards for businessmen.